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Cover photo: Dobet Gnahoré  by Jean Goun

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Album Review

Syssi Mananga – Mopepe Mama Album Review

The latest album by singer-songwriter Syssi Mananga is an absolute gem.

Her soulful voice is emotive and powerful.

Through her own personal journey the songs pay tribute to womanhood and explore her Belgium-Congolese roots.

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New Release

Acholi Machon – Sons of South Sudan

Acholi Machon hail from the youngest nation on earth, South Sudan, and to celebrate the nation’s 10th anniversary of independence on 9 July, they will release their new EP ‘Sons of South Sudan’ on the same day.

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New Release

Dobet Gnahoré Couleur Album

Dobet Gnahoré, one of Africa’s brightest stars releases her sixth full length album ‘Couleur’ on June 4.
The 2010 GRAMMY winner from the Ivory Coast delves into her country’s modern Afropop sounds with a fiery album that’s filled with danceable grooves, electronic beats and catchy melodic hooks soaking up the urban energy of a rising modern Africa.

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