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Cover photo: Dobet Gnahoré  by Jean Goun

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New Release

Dobet Gnahoré Couleur Album

Dobet Gnahoré, one of Africa’s brightest stars releases her sixth full length album ‘Couleur’ on June 4.
The 2010 GRAMMY winner from the Ivory Coast delves into her country’s modern Afropop sounds with a fiery album that’s filled with danceable grooves, electronic beats and catchy melodic hooks soaking up the urban energy of a rising modern Africa.

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Album of the Month

Album of the Month – March 2021

The timely remastering of this album released 33 1/3 years ago is a celebration of a woman who has championed the Mbira and Shona Zimbabwean culture for more than 50 years. Chiweshe, now 74, is lovingly known as the ‘Queen of the mbira’.
The re-release by Piranha records has a title change – from Ambuya? Meaning grandmother? to Ambuya!
An affirmation that she is also the ‘grandmother of the mbira’

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New Release

Adjiri Odametey – Ekonklo

Adjiri Odametey has a voice that you cannot ignore, his warm tones and rich textured harmonies enchant you into his fusion of African folk, roots and blues.

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