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Thousands of concerts have been cancelled worldwide due to COVID-19. Hundreds of musicians from the African continent have lost their main income from international concert tours. It is uncertain by when musicians will be able to travel and tour again. Please, join #SOULIDARITY and donate. With your contribution you directly support musicians from the African continent.

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African Album of the Month September 2020
Album of the Month

Album of the Month – September 2020

Sidi Touré (Mali) – Afrik Toun Mé.
Full of lively acoustic Malian melodies and blues guitar riffs that radiate perpetual positive energy as Touré’s emotive voice sings about courage against adversity and urges people to embrace knowledge as a tool to unite Africa.

Touré has created a dazzling album of real optimism.

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Ethiopian Records crowdfunding for Survival and Unity

Ethiopia Records, innovators of ther Ethiopiyawi electronic music scene has launched a fundraiser due to the COVID pandemic putting in jeopardy the future of the label and its staff based in Addis Ababa.

The fundraiser is for a 10 track double EP called Wel (ወል) with 2 videos and an array of works of art to be released in November 2020.
Supporters of the Wel project can receive various goodies including a pre-order copy of the EP to a private virtual tour and interactive music lessons

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Orchestra Baobab 50th Anniversary

This year marks the 50th anniversary of one of Africa’s greatest bands, Senegal’s Orchestra Baobab. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, the band has announced the issue of their landmark 2002 reunion album ‘Specialist In All Styles’ for the first time ever on vinyl, on September 25th.

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