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Wiyaala – Sissala Goddess

You cannot fail to warm to Wiyaala, whose interviews and engaging social media posts are bursting with her gratifying uplifting can-do outlook on life.

Last year saw her work tirelessly, recording the latest album, whilst touring around Europe with her high energy athletic live performances.



              Photo Den Hukins –      Calabash!

Labelled ‘The Young Lioness of Africa’ I will never forget her cartwheel stage entrance at the African Centre Summer festival in London.

Countless interviews on national TV and radio channels, and even a visit to a school in Kent.

Telling her own story, a girl from a small town and how her determination and will, she became a pop star in Ghana, whilst highlighting issues such as women’s rights and female genital mutilation.

Wiyaala also contributed to GRRRL an all-female electronic music collaboration which performed live and released an e.p.

It’s no surprise she was listed on the BBC’s “Celebrated African Women” for 2018.

Sissala Goddess is a melodic afro-dance/pop album, there are no distinctive traditional African instruments or rhythms here.

The opening song ‘Village Sex’ is an adaptation of a traditional wedding song, encouraging young bachelors to maintain the tradition of no sex before marriage.

‘Did You Really Mean It’ finds Wiyaala apologising for not being a ‘pretty pretty girl dancing in your mind’ a reminder of the start of her career when doubters said she wasn’t beautiful enough to be a pop star.

There are many poignant and uplifting moments as Wiyaala’s voice soars above in Sissala and English. 

She has won the hearts and minds of many, Wiyaala is all action and all words and I look forward to seeing her roar into the next year of her career.

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