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UKanDanZ – Yeketelale

Highly enjoyable!

Legendary Ethiopian singer Asnake Guebreyes’s voice embellishes an absorbing Ethio-Jazz dance groove.

With their high energetic vibrant Ethio-Jazz tones still at its core, the Ethiopian-Franco combo introduces a new rhythm section on Yeketelale, their third album.

Downscaling the intense and rockier sound on previous releases, with more emphasises on electronic beats and synths.

The opening track “Gesse” instantly plunges headfirst into a brisk dance ryhthm and by the end of the second track, “Gedawo” is fully immersed in an exhilarating fusion of funky bass synth, punchy sax and Ethio rhythms.

What’s really prominent is that the new direction empowers the voice of Asnake and is really evident in the slower ‘Yene Hassab” and the atmospheric ‘Festoum Deng Ledgj Nesh”

It also enables revisits of classic Ethio jazz songs “Weyene Ajire.” from Asnaké’s first album “Ahadu”.

Also a version of “Enken Yelelebesh” by Girma Beyene an Ethio jazz giant back in the ’70s.

UKanDanZ has progressed, offering a glimpse of Ethio jazz in the future but not forgetting the past.

It’s all highly enjoyable and transforming this onto stage will see audiences and band dance harder than ever.

Released 2 February 2019
Label: Buda Musique
Genre: Ethio jazz, dance, rock.
Country Ethiopia, France

Format: Stream/Download/CD /Vinyl

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