Tal national - Tantabara

Tal National – Tantabara

The third international release from Niger’s biggest band blasts West African rhythmic guitar, desert blues, afrobeat grooves,   and a constant often off beat crashing snare drum.

The vocals occasionally border on screaming to be heard over the intense hypnotic sound and when you think it can’t get any faster ‘Belles Reines’ does just that, dense and stifling, there’s no respite from their unique and totally danceable sound.

The rocking raucousness is slightly tempered with the talking drum. In the middle of the album ‘Duniya’ is the only interlude, where the tempo eases and melody increases. ‘Akokas’ is a driving desert blues rock song with cries of arriba arriba arriba!

It’s a complex and thrilling album, recorded in their hometown Niamey, Their name is derived from Désert du Tal in western Niger, a collective of 13 band members from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, 8 of them contributed to the 8 tracks, which included 7 different vocalists.

However there is clear vision here, to create rock ‘n’ roll West African style and after leaving audiences sweating in successful European and US tours, this release certainly won’t disappoint the already converted.

Our fave track – Entente

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