Syssi Mananga – Mopepe Mama Album Review

The latest album by singer-songwriter Syssi Mananga is an absolute gem.

Paying tribute to womanhood through her own personal journey, Mangana’s soulful voice is emotive and powerful.

Exploring her Congolese roots with the title: Mopepe meaning wind in Lingala – 

‘my music is like the wind, cross-bordered and fluid. It can’t be caged in or boxed in a single genre. Reflecting my mixed heritage, my musical signature is a fusion of styles’

True to her words, Mopope Mama is an elegant blend of pop, folk and jazz with African hues.

A collaboration of musicians from 10 different countries across 3 continents.

Congolese guitarist Chris Bakalanga is a joy throughout and the playing from Swiss flutist Sandro Friedrich, American kora player Kane Mathis, and Japanese trumpeter Shunzo Ohno is top notch.

Remarkably it was all recorded remotely – you wouldn’t know it – and mixed by the band’s percussionist and producer Ronan Skillen in Cape Town.

This is truly a multicultural music masterpiece.

Artist – Syssi Mananga (Congo/Belgium)
Title – Mopepe Mama
Released – April 2021
Label – Syssi Mananga
Genre – Afro-pop/jazz/folk


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