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Looking for new African music? Here’s our regularly updated list of African flavoured album releases in 2022.
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African Albums 2022


Juanita Euka - Mabanzo

Strut - March 2022

The debut solo album by Congolese vocalist, Juanita Euka. A familiar face to many from London’s vibrant live music scene over the last decade, Juanita has fronted London Afrobeat Collective’s dynamic live shows.  Mabanzo (meaning ‘Thoughts’), brings together her many and varied musical influences into play and pulls no lyrical punches. 

Alai K - Kila Mara

On the Corner Records - February 2022

 This is Alai K’s debut album, where ancient east African polyrhythms meet techno Berlin underground futurism. 


Etran de L'Aïr - Agadez

Sahel Sounds - February 2022

The name Etran de L’Aïr translates to “the Stars of the Aïr,” the mountainous region of Northern Niger. Based in the city of Agadez, the group perform their electric ‘Desert Blues’ at ceremonies: baptisms, political events, and one of the most popular bands on the wedding circuit in Agadez. 

Rokia Koné & Jacknife Lee - BAMANAN

Real World Records - February 2022

Rokia Koné is one of Mali’s leading female artists. She is also a member of the West African music collective Les Amazones d’Afrique. Bamanan see her teaming up with  Irish-born, California-based rock producer Jacknife Lee to reimagine the Malian sound in ways both leftfield and beautiful — a groundbreaking album.

Imarhan - Aboogi

City Slang Records - January 2022

The is the Tuareg rockers’  third studio album. The diversity, beauty, and struggles of life in Imarhan’s home city of Tamanrasset in Southern Algeria are reflected in the songs on Aboogi. It features Sudanese singer Sulafa Elyas and Super Furry Animals’ Gruff Rhys, plus Tinariwen’s Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni and the Algerian poet Mohamed Ag Itlale

Fulu Miziki - Ngbaka EP

Moshi Moshi Music - February 2022

FULU MIZIKI roughly translates as “music from the garbage”, which in a literal sense is an accurate description of the thrillingly chaotic eco-friendly Afro-Futurist collective. Their new EP, entitled Ngbaka, finds Fulu Miziki embracing electronica textures and production styles, in a departure from their traditional sound. 

Jam Groove - Diaxas

Jam Groove - December 2021

A musical project created by Senegalese musicians Oumar Diagne & Assane Ba. They describe their sound as Afro diaxas (patchwork in Wolof) as its roots are in Senegal but it’s inspired by & incorporates elements of salsa, afrobeat, high life and afro jazz.

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The Scorpios - Lets Go

The Scorpios - January 2022

The Scorpios are a band originally from Sudan that melds Arabic rhythms with a raw Eastern funk feel, properly dismantling cultural barriers in pursuit of a unifying rhythmic bliss.


Baqabo - Ghetto Blues

Wired World - December 2022

Baqabo are a talented trio from Zanzibar, Tanzania. Their melodic afro soul,r&b, and blues exude a real cool swagger; without an autotune insight.