Mdou Moctar – Ilana: The Creator

Masterful shredding work from the Saharan bluesman from Niger.

Mdou Moctar’s latest album protrudes Tuareg music the size of a comet.

An explosive rock album recorded with a live studio band with much spontaneity, giving freedom for Mdou to express his style that has been compared to Hendrix.

Mdou’s dreamy psychedelic vocals awash the album, ‘Ilana’ the title track is about uranium exploitation in Niger, his music has always conveyed powerful messages about what is happening in his homeland.

‘Inizgam’ an instrumental 90-second bluesy jam is the only interlude from the breakneck pace and “Tarhatazed” is Mdou at full tilt, with Ahmoudou Madassane’s (Les Filles de Illighadad) sharp rhythm guitar by his side for the full 7 ½ minutes.

‘‘Wiwasharmine’ a melodic catchy dance rhythm, with nomadic handclaps adding depth – traditional Tuareg percussion has been used sparingly throughout.

This is Mdou Moctar’s most creative work to date and that includes the album cover, a 2 coloured Saharan bird relating to Mdou’s turban, with a symbol of Agadez in its beak, representing wherever he travels his home is always with him.

Released on the excellent Sahel Sounds label where Tuareg music has always been at its forefront.

Released 29 March 2019 
Label: Sahel Sounds
Genre:  Tuareg Rock
Country Niger

Format: Stream/Download/CD /Vinyl

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