Madalitso Band - Wasalala new african Album

Madalitso Band – Wasalala

What do you get when you mix a homemade one-string slide bass (Babatone), a cowskin foot drum, thumped with your heel whilst strumming a 4 string guitar and two harmonious voices? The joyful upbeat traditional folk music of The Madalitso Band from Malawi.

The duo songwriters were originally discovered busking outside a shopping mall in Lilongwe in 2009. Their locally known ‘Banjo music’ became popular in Malawi and have only recently been catapulted onto the international stage.

Their first ever performance outside of Malawi was at the Sauti Za Busara Festival in Zanzibar 2017, featured on BBC Africa and followed by barnstorming European festivals in 2018.

This is their first International release and captures their cheery raw vibrancy and will be getting audiences dancing again as they return this year to perform at WOMA

Release Date: March 29, 2019
Record label:  Bongo Joe Records
Genre: Traditional, Folk 
Country: Malawi

Format: Stream/Download/CD /Vinyl

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