London Afrobeat Collective Humans Review

London Afrobeat Collective – Humans

London Afrobeat Collective – Humans

London Afrobeat Collective’s  latest release unleashes the full force of their funky energetic afrobeat.

In the spirit of Fela Kuti, Humans is socially mindful and politically charged with powerful messages within song titles such as ‘Power to the Women’ and ‘Stop Talking’.

Punchy horns and grooving guitars underline the straight to the point hard-hitting lyrics.
’you’ve got blood in your hands’, a line from ‘Prime Resources’ now comes to mind as I scroll on my phone.

Full of musical gutsiness, with the fervor of their exhilarating live performances, the LAC sound is evolving beyond the sphere of afrobeat, and an album striving for social justice has never sounded this good

London Afrobeat Collective – Humans
Released 25th October 2019
Label:London Afrobeat Productions
Genre: Afrobeat/Funk
Country: UK

Format: Stream/Download/CD /Vinyl

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