Kongi Dia Ntotila 360’° best album 2019

Kongo Dia Ntotila – 360°

Intrinsically deep-rooted with African dance sounds and styles, Kongo Dia Ntotila’s second release 360°is a profusion of adept musicianship.
Congolese guitar and energetic rhythms blend fluently with jazzy horns and bass lines inspired by the buoyant UK Jazz scene.
The listener is joyfully seesawed between Kinshasa and London.
It’s inventive, original and massively catchy. A feel-good fun ride from start to finish.

Released 10 may 2019
Label: Pussy Foot Records
Genre:  Soukous/Rumba/Jazz/Fusion
Country: DR Congo/UK

Format: Stream/Download/CD /Vinyl

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