KOKOKO! FONGOLA album review

KOKOKO! Fongola Album

If there was a TV series called ‘extreme homemade musical instruments’, KOKOKO! would be the hosts and their latest album Fongola would be the soundtrack.

Experimenting with engine parts to typewriters, the DIY’ers invent and build their own mélange of sounds.
Plucking upcycled electrical cables from a makeshift guitar, whilst tin cans are rhythmically tapped. A synth adds lo-fi sounds and layers of melodic electronica.

On the track, L.O.V.E. vocals are broadcasted through a talk-box made from a re-wired car stereo cassette, haunting, distorted and tense.

Out of all this disorder and the mish-mash of polyrhythmic lo-fi noise, when pieced together, emerges a gripping and gritty album – It just shouldn’t sound this good – flirting between, post-punk and electronic, the intoxicating and hypnotic grooves are blisteringly danceable.

This is a soundtrack to an alternative music scene, spilling from the bars and clubs onto the chaotic streets. The songs have a purposeful message and resonate to the youth of Kinshasa, challenging the norm of the city.

KOKOKO! are currently on a world tour and are playing London Fabric on November 28th

Released 5th July 2019
Label: Transgressive records
Genre: Electronic/Alternative/Post-Punk/African
Country: DR Congo

Format: Stream/Download/CD /Vinyl

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