Isaac Birituro and The Rail Abandon – Kalba

Kalba is a fulfilling collaboration of Ghanaian xylophone master Isaac Birituro and UK based producer, singer-songwriter Sonny Johns, aka The Rail Abandon.

Isaac’s xylophone style is explored with lively West African beats, folky guitar and jazzy hues of brass, string and reed instruments.

Sonny’s gentle melodic vocals are harmonized by the uplifting Kalba Birifore Choir.

Recorded in Kalba – the album title, where Isaac Birituro lives, the towns church became a makeshift mobile studio as it was the only place that had reliable electricity.

The making of this album is an intriguing story of different worlds embracing and captures a genuinely warm-hearted community spirit. 

Part of the proceeds of the album is helping to build a school in Kalba via the Rüt’n’Rock project.

Released 31st May 2019
Label: WAH WAH 45’s
Genre: Folk/Traditional/
Country: Ghana/UK

Format: Stream/Download/CD /Vinyl

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