IBALI releases single ‘Revelation’ A trumpet call to the youth of Africa

Cameroonian World Music Artist & Political Rights Activist IBALI has high ambitions and the motivation to enact real change in the world.

IBALI is a renowned musician, songwriter and composer who uses his music as a vehicle for change.

His latest single release ‘Revelation’ aims to raise attention to poor governance and empower the youth to push for meaningful change across Africa. IBALI says “This is a trumpet call for the youth of Africa to rise up and stand for their right to define their future”.

With its blend of Makossa, Jazz and Afrobeat; with shades of Fela Kuti, the song deplores the reality of bad leaders, poor health care, infrastructure and education across Africa and the poignant video of this release certainly adds weight to the cause.

IBALI hopes the new album ‘Prophetic’ to be released in 2021 will inspire Africa’s youth to a more peaceful and prosperous future, freeing them from the shackles of leftover colonial and imperialism echos that Africa is still feeling the effects of today.

IBALI  says “This project is going to give birth to the finest politicians and transform the bad ones”
He also boldly adds “Listening to my music will make you become an Ibalian; a citizen who will not sell his or her vote.
Ibalians will stand for Peace and Justice, Truth, Love, Freedom and Growth for a better world.”

Revelation will be released on 21 March 2021

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