Extra Soul Perception

Extra Soul Perception are a creative collaboration that brings together innovative artists from the UK, Kenya and Uganda on week-long music writing camp in Nairobi.

 Creating new tangents in soul music. Inspired by the fusion experiments of Monk Higgins, it’s led by an open-minded approach of harmonising different sounds, techniques and traditions, to change perceptions of a long-established genre.

Extra Soul Perception members.

LABDI – A revolutionary Kenyan musician and singer-songwriter, who stands as the only female Orutu player in East Africa. The single-stringed fiddle originating from the Luo Community in Western Kenya was a taboo for women to play.

LEX AMOR – North London rapper, DJ, musician and producer, whose soft flow is part poetry, part whispered singing.

FAIZAL MOSTRIXX – One of Kampala’s most recognised contemporary dancers and a producer giving traditional Ugandan sounds an electronic instrumentalism to preserve its heritage.

HIBOTEP – A Ugandan counter-culture visionary, as a DJ, filmmaker, fashion designer, installation artist, undercover rapper and producer. 

KARUN – A Nairobi-based singer and songwriter,Berklee College of Music alumni and formerly part of the BET Awards nominated Camp Mulla. Now as a solo artist she’s one of Kenya’s most celebrated soul voices.

K15 – London-based Musician, composer, producer and DJ with releases on Wild Oats, Eglo and Wotnot channelling jazz and soul into a house structure. 

LYNDA DAWN – A London singer trained in the Pentecostal Church with the range and power of the US gospel greats. 

MAXWELL OWIN – A London based producer, musician and DJ at the heart of London’s jazz new wave. 

The  album will be out in April 2020 on London label Waella’s Choice



Playing live in February 2020

 22 Feb: The Jazz Cafe, London
23 Feb: Band on the Wall, Manchester
24 Feb: 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool.

Jazz Cafe | London | 22/02/2020
Band on the Wall | Manchester | 23/02/2020
24 Kitchen Street | Liverpool | 24/02/2020

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