Ethiopian Records crowdfunding for Survival and Unity

Endeguena Mulu aka Ethiopia Records is an innovator of Ethiopiyawi electronic music scene that incorporates samples of traditional musicians (azmaris) and their instruments. Mulu says – ‘One of the main pillars of the genre is Azmari Culture and traditional music from all over Ethiopia, music that is the pillar of almost all the music we listen to today’.

The COVID pandemic has put in jeopardy Ethiopia Records and its entertainment agency based in Addis Ababa.

Endeguena Mulus’ project is not all about Ethiopia Records – ‘it will be helping the creatives and creative professionals that collaborate with us, that we intend to hire, it will sustain the entire ecosystem around our vision as we haven’t gotten here alone, many creatives have supported us, and dedicated their time and talents.”

The fundraiser project is called Wel (ወል) which translates as ‘in common’. Consisting of a 10 track double EP with 2 videos and an array of works of art to be released in November 2020. Inspired by the audio recordings of one of Ethiopia’s most important literary figures Poet Laureate Tsegaye Gebremedhin.


Supporters of the Wel project can receive various goodies including a pre-order copy of the EP to a private virtual tour and interactive music lessons. More details via

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