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Tipona by Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno album review

Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno – Tipona

There is much to admire in this unique album.
The Nyatiti – an eight-stringed lyre, originating from communities around the shores of Lake Victoria, Kenya.

A story of an African village boy transitioning to a man with all its anxieties.
The preserving of traditional Lüo sounds whilst interpreting them for the modern world.

haymanot tesfa loosening the strings album review

Haymanot Tesfa – Loosening the Strings

Haymanot Tesfa is a singer and krar (traditional lyre) player from Ethiopia, now living in the UK.
Loosening the Strings is her solo debut album, and is a collection of Ethiopian traditional songs and her own arrangements all sung in the distinctive Amharic language.

Throughout the album, Haymanot’s fingers flow through the six-stringed krar with nimble dexterity. The unfaltering plucked soft tones provide a foundation for Haymanot’s powerful and captivating voice. Using only
the krar and a drum it’s a bold debut. Yet, it doesn’t need anything else, as it’s simply beautiful.

dance to the full moon invisible system album review

Dance to the Full Moon – Invisible System Album

The second release from Invisible System aka Dan Harper’s Malian project.

Dance to the Full Moon is the sequel to the instrumental Bamako Sessions album from 2018.

Delving deep into Mali’s traditional musical roots, griot, ngoni, kora, and Songhoy guitar are accentuated with the interfusion of dub, post-punk, techno, and R&B.

A more fulfilling album than its predecessor and with Dan Harper’s guidance and production finesse, has created a triumph of equilibrium.
Crisscrossing genres but keeping Mali at its heart and soul

hama sankare niafunke best album 2019

Hama Sankaré – Niafunké

Desert blues at its finest, including dazzling reworks of songs legendary Ali Farka Toure also recorded.
A monumental Malian studio supergroup that encompasses traditional sounds, enriched by the verve of a new generation of musicians.

Progressive and compelling – essential listening.

Moulay Ahmed El Hassani – Atlas Electric

Moulay Ahmed Hassani – Atlas Electric. Hive Mind Records.   “Ahmed’s trademark – an awesome sounding psychedelic deep reverberating microtonal guitar!”   From the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, singer, songwriter and musician Moulay Ahmed Hassani has self produced more than an incredible 50 albums over 30 years in his home studio in …

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