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Album of the Month – March 2021

The timely remastering of this album released 33 1/3 years ago is a celebration of a woman who has championed the Mbira and Shona Zimbabwean culture for more than 50 years. Chiweshe, now 74, is lovingly known as the ‘Queen of the mbira’.
The re-release by Piranha records has a title change – from Ambuya? Meaning grandmother? to Ambuya!
An affirmation that she is also the ‘grandmother of the mbira’

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Album of the Month – January 2021

Urban Village are a quartet who grew up in the township of Soweto at the tail end of apartheid. Creating a unique spin on South Africa’s multiple musical genres, ‘Udondolo’ explores traditional Maskandi, zulu guitar, and jazz whilst blending their own indie folk with soulful harmonies that pays homage to the culture and people of Soweto.

Stay home, get cosy and embrace the potent and seductive melodies of Urban Village; you just might forget about the big bad world out there for a while.

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Album of the Month – November 2020

Star Feminine Band are an extraordinary group from Natitingou, a remote town in the north of Benin.  The 7 members are aged between 10 and 17 years old, and the only all girl band in Benin.

Their sound is a garage rock style mix of afrobeat,congolese rumba and traditional Beninese rhythm dances. The girls’ harmonies may sound youthful but their songs are raising awareness about equality and empowerment for African women to a curious growing audience.