African Album of the Month September 2020

Album of the Month – September 2020

Sidi Touré (Mali) – Afrik Toun Mé

The albums of Sidi Touré have always featured a blend of stories, parables, and messages.
Afrik Toun Mé which translates as ‘Africa must unite’ is no different.

Accompanied by master guitarist Mamadou Kelly and calabash player Boubou Diallo, the Malian acoustic trio generate lively guitar riffs and melodies that radiate perpetual positive energy as Touré’s emotive voice sings about courage against adversity and urges people to embrace knowledge as a tool to unite Africa.

Despite the restrictions and challenges of 2020, Touré has created a dazzling album of real optimism.

Afrik Toun Mé is Sidi Touré’s fifth solo album and the follow up to ‘Toubalbero’ album which was Calabash! album of the year 2018.

Month – September 2020
Artist – Sidi Touré (Mali)
Title – Afrik Toun Mé
Label – Thrill Jockey Records
Genre – Desert Blues/Folk /Rock


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