Album of the Month – February 2021

Made Kuti - For(e)ward

The Past, Present and Future of Afrobeat.

Made Kuti is the son of Femi and grandson of Fela, the political activist who in the ’70s pioneered Afrobeat, a legacy that has continued with his sons Femi, and Sean Kuti, who inherited his fathers Egypt 80 band.

Made Kuti studied music at the same London college as Fela and at a young age was playing with his father in the Positive Force band.

Expecting his debut album to be a continuation of the Kuti’s Afrobeat heritage, the opening track ‘Free Your Mind’ begins with a hesitant jazz bass line, and an offbeat snare drum as layers of blistering horns and keys build into an unstoppable intense hypnotic fanfare.

Made has arrived –  and so has a new style of Afrobeat.

Playing all of the instruments, he has shaped his own sound and propels afrobeat into a stimulating and refreshing arena. Experimenting with the current British jazz style, reggae, and Latin rhythms, and synonymous to the Kuti legacy, forceful lyrics cross-examine police brutality, sexual harassment and corruption.

‘‘For(e)ward’ is released together with Femi Kuti’s new album ‘Stop The Hate’ a more familiar Afrobeat sound and together they are appropriately titled ‘Legacy +’ a huge pointer that Made is ready to carry the torch for the Kuti Afrobeat dynasty into the future.

Month – February 2021
Artist – Made Kuti
Title – For(e)ward
Label – Partisan Records
Genre – Afrobeat/Jazz


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