About Us

Why Calabash!

I’m always going to see African bands, what always struck me is how many different websites and social media platforms I have to visit to know who’s playing or to even discover a new and exciting band or the latest release.

Chatting to other music fans at gigs it was obvious they had the same thoughts that African music is quite fragmented in the UK and it needed a place for it all to live.

Den Hukins, Calabash!

What we do

Calabash! are an online magazine and events guide dedicated to African music happening in the UK.

We offer a FREE up to date What’s On guide.

News and reviews of album releases.

Offer our readers a journey of discovery showcasing the vast diverse musical talent Africa has in every corner of the continent.

Provide a platform for artists, record labels, venues and event organisers to expand their audiences.

Promote new talent – especially from the UK

Jobs and write for us

We are looking for talent in social media, bloggers, writers, and photographers to assist in growing our site to become the source of African music in the UK.

We would also be interested to hear from anyone with any ideas or projects to enhance our site.

Please contact us at Den@africanmusicguide.co.uk


We offer a free What’s On event listing.
To submit an event please go to our contact page.

We offer digital banners, sidebar and newsletter advertising

Please contact us at Den@africanmusicguide.co.uk for a media pack.